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Introduction: Introduction The nature museum is located at the third port in the Wuyi Mountain protection ar..

Tickets:Nature Museum Fee and Opening HourAdmission: unknownOpening Hour: 8:00—17:30

Travel Tips:Tips In July, 1944 , an achievement hall was additionally built during the period of protecti..

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Nature Museum Introduction

The nature museum is located at the third port in the Wuyi Mountain protection area, it was built by national Ministry of Forestry and Fujian Province forestry office, the building area is 1673 square kilometre. In February of 1990, they began to design and construct the display hall, and it opened o­n December 12, its display area is 1300 square kilometre.
Wuyi mountain belongs to typical subtropical oceanic humid monsoonal climate, which has a distinct four seasons and abundant rain. The annual average temperate is 17℃ to 19℃, and the hottest season is July, the coldest season is January. The best time for traveling there is June to September.

Nature Museum Features

The Wuyi mountain nature museum takes “concentrate and reappear the natural appearance of  the Wuyi mountain nature protection area” as a goal and “the forest ecosystem” as a spool thread. It uses the expression means such as satellite imagery, relief, three-dimensional panoram etc. it is diveded into three exhibition halls.
The first hall is the natural environment hall which demonstrates the historical evolution and geology,landform, hydrology,meteorology and vegetation of the Wuyi mountain protection area with the means including satellite imagery, relief, colored light picture etc.
The second hall is the ecology landscape display hall which reappeares the model subtropics forest ecosystem ecology of Mt. Wuyi with the panoram and the three-dimensional expression means.
The third hall is the species treasure display hall which use the amber specimen of good quality to display . it prominent the quantity, quality and posture of the zoology and botany specimen.

Nature Museum Tickets

Nature Museum Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: unknown
Opening Hour: 8:00—17:30

Nature Museum Transporation

You can visit the museum by bus in the urban of Wuyishan city.

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