Heavenly Tour Peak

Heavenly Tour Peak

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Heavenly Tour Peak

Introduction: IntroductionHeavenly Tour Peak is located at the center of the Wuyi scenic area. It has stone ..

Tickets:Heavenly Tour Peak Fee and Opening HourAdmission: 30 yuan per personOpening Hour: 7:30-

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The fee of eating in the restaurants near Tianyoufeng and Jiuquxi scenic spots are dee..

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Heavenly Tour Peak Introduction

Heavenly Tour Peak is located at the center of the Wuyi scenic area. It has stone steps leading to the summit, which is 700 meters above sea level, and commanding a bird eye view of the fabulous Nine-bend Stream. From the top, o­ne sees peaks over peaks below with beautiful landscape stretching to a misty distance. Here, visitors can see a sea of clouds passing by, as if touring in heaven, hence the name of the peak.
Wuyi mountain belongs to typical subtropical oceanic humid monsoonal climate, which has a distinct four seasons and abundant rain. The annual average temperate is 17℃ to 19℃, and the hottest season is July, the coldest season is January. The best time for traveling there is June to September.

Heavenly Tour Peak Features

There is a jingle in Wuyi Mountain:"Not stepping o­n it to visit ,is equal to visiting in vain",therefore Tianyou feng in the important position where the peak accounts for in Wuyi Mountain ,view and admire nine mountains and rivers panorama,can not find and visit the better place more than it again.
Tianyou feng lies in the north of nine small stream and six small streams .Rain first fine or first rays of the morning sun when displaying for the first time,ascend the peak ,look at a sea of clouds ,like the great ,wave in the sea ,changeable ,as if place o­neself in the midst of the fairyland of Peng Lai ,roam in the jeweiled palace of Heavenly Palace ,"Tianyou "for so the name .    
This scenic spot includes Nine Dragon Cave, Red Robe Tea Tree and Tianxin Yongle Buddhist Temple, covering an area of 4.5 sq km. It is a sacred Buddhism place. The Red Robe Tea Tree, known as the "King of Tea Trees", stands at the foot of Nine Dragon Rock. There is water dripping down all the year round from a long and narrow crack in the rocks o­n both sides of the tree. Adequate sunshine and minor changes in temperature enable the tree to produce high quality tea with a unique flavor.   
Tourists can reach the summit along the path from Tea Plantation Cave (Chadong). You will reach the top if you go up the 800 steps past the Clothes- Drying Rock (Saibuyan), and arrive at Bird¡¯s Eye Lookout (Yilantai). You enjoy a panoramic view of the whole scenic area from here. The Tianyouguan Hote is a graceful traditional- style building and has rooms for guests who want to see the stars of the Milky way and the sun rise. This peak provides the grandest view of Wuyi mountain area.

Heavenly Tour Peak Tickets

Heavenly Tour Peak Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: 30 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 7:30--17:30

Heavenly Tour Peak Transporation

There are tour buses to the scenic area.

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