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Guanlin Temple

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Guanlin Temple

Introduction: Introduction Guanlin Temple, o­ne of the three famous tombs of Guan Yu, is the o­nly ..

Tickets:Guanlin fee and opening hourTicket : 30 yuan per personOpening hour: 8:00—17:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Luoyang, a charming city filled with the fragrance of peonies and the primitive atmosph..

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Guanlin Temple Introduction

Guanlin Temple, o­ne of the three famous tombs of Guan Yu, is the o­nly ancient architectural complex combining tomb, temple and forest and the national 4A level tourist spot.
Guanlin Temple is the place where Guan Yu's head was buried. He is a hero in Chinese history and is the o­nly person respected by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists. As a result, the temple in Luoyang is splendid and grandiose. The temple covers an area of 100 mu (about 16.5 acres). Inside the temple are halls, tablets, small stone lions and cypress.
The layout of the temple highly embodies the traditional style of Chinese architecture. It is designed and built symmetrically. Moving north from the Opera tower, there is the Main Gate, the Courtesy Gate, the First Hall, the Second Hall, the Third Gate, and the Tomb of Guan Yu. The First Hall is most magnificent. o­n its main gate are a series of relief telling the well-known stories of Guan Yu. The views from other halls and places inside the temple are also beautiful.
Luoyang belongs to the north temperate continental climate zone. It has four distinct seasons. Spring is dry and windy. Summer is hot and rainy. Winter is cold and dry. Autumn is the best season to visit the city because of the humid and pleasant climate. The average temperature is 14.86℃.It is also good to visit Luoyang in April for the blooms of peonies here.

Guanlin Temple Features

Guanyu is the o­nly person in Chinese history who enjoys great respect by Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism alike. He also named Guan Yunchang (160 - 219 A.D.), and was a senior general of Shu Kingdom (Sichuan Province today) in the Three Kingdom Period. Legend has it that after Sun Quan killed Guanyu and submitted his head to Cao Cao, Cao Cao buried it right in Guanlin. During his lifetime, Guanyu was famous for his loyalty and courage. From ancient to present, people has regarded him as a lengedery hero and thus worshipped him just like a god. For thousands of years, Guanlin has been attracting large amount of tourists both from China and abroad.
The surface of Guanyu’s tomb is an octagon, its height reaches 10 meters and the tomb covers 250 square meters, and was walled. The stele before his tomb is 4.8 meters long. A stone tortoise is under the stele while the carved stone dragon stands above it. "The inscription of Chifeng ", which is o­n the stele and is written in seal character, was conferred the title of nobility by Emperor Kangxi. The pavilion protecting the stele is an octagon, too. Its complicated structure and unique features display an outsanding example of the architectural art of pavilion in Qing Dynasty. Before the stele and pavilion stands the stone arch table whose height reaches 10 meters, and width 6 meters. It is inscribed with "The tomb of the general Hangshouting."

Guanlin Temple Tickets

Guanlin fee and opening hour
Ticket : 30 yuan per person
Opening hour: 8:00—17:00

Guanlin Temple Transporation

You can get to Guanlin Temple directly by bus 81 ,55from the railway station, or take bus 58 from White hourse temple.

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