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Tiger Roar Rock

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Tiger Roar Rock

Introduction: Introduction Tiger Roar Rock sits commandingly to the north of o­ne-Ray Sky. Tiger Roar R..

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Travel Tips:Tips 1.From Jingtai which is o­n the south of the second bend of the Jiuqu stream, cross..

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Tiger Roar Rock Introduction

Tiger Roar Rock sits commandingly to the north of o­ne-Ray Sky. Tiger Roar Rock rises straight from the gourd, imposing and powerful. Four characters Huxilingdong carved o­n the wall of rock. There are the famous Huxiaobajing including Bailiandu, Jiyunguan, Poxiandai, Pumendou, Fayuxianhe,Yuerquan,Bulangzhou,Binxidong,.
The so-called tigers roaring starts from the anctent occasionally celestial being, has ridden tiger 's allusion o­n the rock. Explain from nature. Have pieces of huge hole mountain breeze flicker this hole whenever, will send out sound similar to tigers roaring o­n the eyes under clothes .But acoustic shock hills and mountains horrific.. From the summit there is a panorama of a forest of peaks and floating white clouds. It is o­ne of the major scenic spots of Wuyishan City.
Wuyi mountain belongs to typical subtropical oceanic humid monsoonal climate, which has a distinct four seasons and abundant rain. The annual average temperate is 17℃ to 19℃, and the hottest season is July, the coldest season is January. The best time for traveling there is June to September.

Tiger Roar Rock Features

The legend tells a tale of a celestial being passed the rock astride a howling tiger, hence the name. However, today this mystery has been unveiled. There is a cave in the rock. When strong wind passes it, a sound just like tiger howling is produced. If it is sonorous, the mountains seem to be shaking.
In the gorge to the south of the second twist of Nine Twist Stream, there is a several-hundred- -meter-long gigantic rock named "Clever Rock". Three neighboring caves are spread over the top of the rock: Clever Cave o­n the left, Wind Cave in the middle,and Fuxi Cave o­n the right. Deep inside the rock, a crack can be seen overhead o­n the top of the rock. It is over o­ne hundred meters long, with a ray of sunlight passing through. This is the o­ne-Ray Sky that is praised as "Art masterpiece extraordinary as if done by the spirits".
On the south side of the o­ne line sky is the Louge rock. o­n the rock there are some caves which are the so-called deity pavilions. o­n the left side, there is the Lan crag. In front of the crag, there is snail hole full of beauty.

Tiger Roar Rock Tickets

Tiger Roar Rock Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: unknown
Opening Hour: unknown

Tiger Roar Rock Transporation

You can go there by bus from crossing of Tianyoufeng, it will take you about five minutes.

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