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Introduction: Introduction Located in the Iron Tower Park, northeastern corner of Kaifeng City, it's al..

Tickets:Iron tower fee and opening hour Ticket : 20 yuan per personOpening hour: 7:00—19:0

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Iron Tower Introduction

Located in the Iron Tower Park, northeastern corner of Kaifeng City, it's also known as "Kaibao Temple Tower ", since its whole body was covered by dark brown glazed tiles,, from a distance, it looks like iron color, hence, so it got the name of Iron Tower . The Tower was built in 1049 A.D the first year of Huangyou of Northern Song Dynasty, has a history of more than 900 years, in 1961, it was designated by the State Council as the key antique unit under special protection.
 The Tower is an octagonal building of 13 storeys with a height of 55.88 meters, the width of each side at the base is 4.16 meters, and it is decreasing from the base to the top levels. The body of the tower was erected with colorful pattern bricks with over 50 designs of the celestial flying ladies, the unicorn, Buddha, musician and dancers, lions, etc, the style is charming, vivid and lifelike, it's worthy to be the artistic masterpiece of Song Dynasty. The Iron Tower is well known at home and abroad with its unique art of architecture, the design is fine and excellent, strong in structure, it withstands numerous attacks of earthquake, floods but not dropped down .
The best time for travel at Kaifeng is September and October when the climate is mild with suitable rainfall. What’s more, chrysanthemum is full-blown during the period.

Iron Tower Features

According to the records, the original Pagoda was a wooden octagon tower with 13 stories, built in the Fubao courtyard of the Kaibao Temple, so it was o­nce called “Fubao Pagoda”. Usually, Pagodas are related to Buddhism. In the Pagoda there are enshrined thousands of Buddha and bodhisattva figures; as well as the remains of King Asoka, all of which are preserved in the basement. The original Pagoda leaned to the northwest, which puzzled the people and was considered to be a construction mistake. The designer Yuhao explained that since Kaifeng was situated o­n an alluvial plain without any mountains or hills, but with the frequent strong wind blowing from the northwest every year, the Pagoda would straighten within a century. Unfortunately, the magnificent wooden Pagoda was struck by lightning in 1055 (or 1049) after its completion in 982 A.D, leaving the forecast a puzzle in people’s mind.
After the wooden o­ne burned to the ground, the Iron Pagoda was built with glazed bricks and tiles in brown. To design such a 50 meters tall brick Pagoda was very demanding. As a result, the Pagoda turned out to be a significant achievement in architecture for its earthquake-proof structure, using a pillar in the center to sustain the whole building, which was tightly linked with every external brick and tile in the Pagoda.
The surface of the Pagoda is inlaid with figured bricks in exquisite patterns such as, Feitian, Qilin, Buddhas, dancers, lions and flowers. o­n the top is a bronze pearl in the shape of a calabash. So from a distance the Pagoda looks like a monk with a hat o­n. Uniquely, the windows of the Pagoda consist of open and closed designs. There are windows o­n each floor, but o­nly o­ne open window, and at different directions o­n each storey. And the so-called closed windows refer to those that are unable to be opened. From the window you have a bird’s eye view of the prosperous city and the Yellow river weaving like a ribbon in the distance. This is o­ne of the more famous spots in Bianjing, the former name of Kaifeng.
Legend has it that there was a fountain under the Iron Pagoda connecting Kaifeng City with the remote sea. o­nce the water came rushing up from that fountain, the whole city would be flooded. So the Pagoda was built to bring the fountain under control. It is really interesting that the Pagoda inclined toward the wind, while its base was to prevent floods. The Pagoda is really a blessing for the city; as the wind and water means “fortune” in Chinese or Fengshui (geomancy).

Iron Tower Tickets

Iron tower fee and opening hour
Ticket : 20 yuan per person
Opening hour: 7:00—19:00

Iron Tower Transporation

You can go there by bus 1,3 ,20.

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