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Yuhua Cave

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Yuhua Cave

Introduction: Introduction Located at the bottom of Tianjie Mountain which is 5 kilometers southeast of Jian..

Tickets:Yuhua Cave Fee and Opening HourAdmisssion: 60 yuan per person Opening Hour: 7:30—17:

Travel Tips:Tips 1.On March 15 in 2008, the ticket will be risen to 75 yuan , including Baohua cave, Yan..

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Yuhua Cave Introduction

Located at the bottom of Tianjie Mountain which is 5 kilometers southeast of Jiangle County, Yuhua Cave is the biggest limestone cave in Fujian Province and o­ne of the top four karst caves in China. Yuhua Cave is a national key scenic area and historical site.Over 200,000 visitors annually explore Yuhua Cave’s three subterranean rivers, two passageways, and six halls, and marvel over the 100 stalagmites and the 2,000-year-old stone carvings. The caves extend over five kilometers, and the main cave is 2.5 kilometers long. Carlsbad Caverns ‘Big Room,’ by comparison, is but 610 meters long.Since its discovery in early Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), it has always been a hot tour spot.
 Sanming belongs to low mountainous and hilly area, as well as river valleys. The main land of the city can be divided into several types, including fluvial landform, Danxia landform, karst landform and some other trivial landforms. Having a subtropical humid maritime climate, Sanming has abundant rainfall and moderate climate. It is affected greatly by maritime monsoon. Its rainy season may last from March to September, and October to February is the dry season. The average temperature of a year is about 17-19C(63-66F).The city is favorable for visiting all the year round.

Yuhua Cave Features

As o­ne of the top four karst caves in China, since its discovery in early Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), Yuhua cave  has always been a hot tour spot. The rocks in the cave are bright and smooth just like the jade which is shining. Because of the reason , it gets the name Yuhua cave it is said that the rocks in the cave are  originally white, because of many tourists , the black traces blackened by smoke by the torch were left o­n the wall of the cave. The geographer Yangshi in Song dynasty and Xuxiake in Ming dynasty visited Yuhua cave and praised it .
The cave is 6 kilometers in length, consisted of six branch caves, namely Zanghe Cave, Leigong Cave, Guozi Cave, Huangni Cave, Xiyuan Cave and Baiyun Cave and three subterranean rivers, namely Stone Spring, Well Spring and Ling Spring, which are 1 to 3 meters in width and the water is below the knee. Small paths zigzag inside the cave. There are more than 180 underground scenic spots which are formed due to the corrosion of lime rocks, among which, “Immortal’s Field”, “Alchemical Furnace”, “Litchi Pillar”, “Dragon Coming out from Sea” and “Child Kowtowing to Guanyin” are particularly vivid.
The cockscomb stone is the sign of Yuhua cave. o­n a stone base is a huge triangle shape stone which like a cockscomb , it is just like a gem displayed there. The entrance of Yuhua cave is called Yishanfeng, the exit is o­n the top of the mountain, so go throuth the cave, you can experience from dim to luminous scenery.

Yuhua Cave Tickets

Yuhua Cave Fee and Opening Hour
Admisssion: 60 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 7:30—17:00

Yuhua Cave Transporation

It is o­nly 7 km away from Jiangle county, you can go there by bus.

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