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Jiuri Mountain

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Jiuri Mountain

Introduction: Introduction The Jiuri Mountain, or Nine Days Mountain, lies in Fengzhou Town in Nan'an C..

Tickets:Jiuri Mountain Fee and Opening Hour Asmission :10 yuan per person Opening Hour: 8:0

Travel Tips:Tips 1.travel in summer, tourists must pay attention to the diet security. For example, after..

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Jiuri Mountain Introduction

The Jiuri Mountain, or Nine Days Mountain, lies in Fengzhou Town in Nan'an City, 7 kilometers to the west gate of Quanzhou City. It was listed as a important historical relic under provincial protection in 1961. The Pray-for-wind stone inscription of the Song Dynasty was listed among the historical relics under national protection in 1988.
Facing Jinjiang River, the mountain is over 90 meters high above the sea level, with three peaks forming an enclosure. Among them there lies "White Cloud Valley". The three peaks are beautiful for the green trees, clear streams, and the singing of birds. The three peaks form an enclosure, embracing 36 scenic attractions with a colourful display of pavilions and halls. Also, there is not a single place that does not offer an inscription; the inscriptions by celebrities in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties alone amount up to more than 70. The Yanfu Temple, built in 288, the ninth year of Taikang in the Jin dynasty, is the oldest Temple in Fujian Province.
Besides, "there is not a single place that does not offer an inscription." The number of these stone inscriptions amounts to 75, including 13 about praying for wind, 15 pieces about beautiful sights, 11 pieces of poems recording the travel to the mountain, 29 pieces of names of famous personnels who visited here and 7 recording the construction of the scenic spot. Among them, the most significant are 10 pieces o­n worshipping the Sea Goddess to pray for good luck in the voyages, which were carved during the period from 1174 to 1266. They are the rare relics of the "Maritime Silk Road" in Quanzhou Ciy.
Quanzhou enjoys a typical sub-tropical marine climate, it has cool and short winter, and the average annual temperature is 18~22 degrees C. The best time for visiting Quanzhou is from April to November.

Jiuri Mountain Features

Jiuri Mountain in Nanan is praised to 'charm the visitor as the fairyland would'. It is said that from the Jin to Song dynasties the noble families who moved to the south used to climb this mountain o­n the ninth of lunar September and the mountain had the name meaning 'ninth'.
Formerly named 'Lotus Temple' and first built in 686 of the Tang dynasty (618-907), the Kaiyuan Temple is the oldest and largest Buddhist building in Fujian province. The 78,000 square-meter site, as legend has, was o­nce a mulberry grove. The owner of the trees dreamed o­ne day that a Buddhist monk asked him to build a temple here. The reluctant owner replied: 'Only if the mulberry trees in my garden bear lotus flowers.' A few days later, lotus flowers appeared in the grove. Today in the courtyard west of the main hall, an ancient mulberry tree has a sign o­n it that reads 'Mulberry Lotus Tree'.
In 783 during the Tang Kaiyuan period, the Emperor Xuangzong, a devout Buddhist, ordered the temple to be in his honour. Since then, the temple has shared the same high reputation as the Guangji Temple (Guangji si) in Beijing and Lingyin Temple (Lingyin si) in Hangzhou. It used to be home to 1,000 monks.
The temple is highly regarded for its architecture: Its main hall 'Precious Hall of the Great Hero' (Daxiong Baodian) or Mahavira Hall is also known as The Great Hall of Purple Clouds'. It is 20 odd meters high and is famous for its (almost) o­ne hundred stone columns, each carved in a different style. o­n the crossbeams are carved 24 flying singers and dancers or 'apsaras' resembling angels in Catholic churches.
There is an octonal five-storey stone pagodas o­n either side of the temple. The eastern o­ne is called 'Nation Protecting Pagoda' (Zhengguo ta), and the western, 'Merits and Longevity pagoda' (Renshou ta). The twin pagodas were built in the 13th century and they are famous for their vivid sculptural details, exquisitely carved decorations, and inside, o­ne of them has forty ancient Buddhist stories inscribed o­n its walls. Climbing up along the wood stairs to the top of either pagoda offers you the best bird's-eye-viewing point of Quanzhou city.
Behind the eastern pagoda, there is a museum exhibiting articles and pictures from Quanzhou's magnificent past as o­ne of the biggest sea ports in the world. Among the exhibits there is a wooden sailing vessel said to be from the twelfth or thirteenth century-an example of how far advanced Chinese shipbuilders were at that time. The vessel was found in 1974, remnants of the herbs and spices it had been carrying were identified in its hold.

Jiuri Mountain Tickets

Jiuri Mountain Fee and Opening Hour 
Asmission :10 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 8:00 –17:30

Jiuri Mountain Transporation

You can go there by tour bus in Quanzhou.

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