Suxian Mountain

Suxian Mountain

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Suxian Mountain

Introduction: Introduction:Located at the Chenzhou suburb, southeast Hunan Province, Suxian Mountain is o&sh..

Tickets:Suxian Mountain Fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 15 yuan / personOpening Hours: 8:0

Travel Tips:Tips:Chenzhou local specialty shop, the unique shop in Chenzhou, sells good specialties from d..

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Suxian Mountain Introduction

Located at the Chenzhou suburb, southeast Hunan Province, Suxian Mountain is o­nly 2 kilometers away from Chenzhou. This mountain is not high indeed, with its elevation o­nly 525 meters. But it has been very famous since ancient times as "World Eighteenth Blessing Land". This is because it had relations with immortal affairs. For over a thousand years, it is famous for this reason.
On the top of the Suxian Mountain, there are two Chinese characters "Longevity Mountain" (shou shan) in 55 centimeters, annotated by "Longevity Mountain Blessing Land" (shou shan fu di) but two characters "Blessing Land" (fu di) until now never appear. Chenzhou grace people thought that since Suxian Mountain is a blessing land, therefore no need of engraving “Blessing Land" (fu di) again. In order to fully implement the instructions of the Municipal Marty Committee, the Municipal Government and the Municipal Administration Bureau, to promote Suxian Mountain taste and status, and probe deep into Suxian Mountain human culture as "World Eighteenth Blessing Land", Suxian Mountain Scenery Administration reformed the walls inside by building stone hills o­n the road sides of inner square, and engraved "Blessing" (fu) in different styles and sizes. The character's typeface all stemmed from 18 emperor's writings since Tang Taizhong. By "Ten thousand"(wan) is meant many, so "Ten thousand blessings "implies being propitious and indicated that it is ancient place of "World Eighteenth Blessing Land". "Ten thousand Blessings Mountain" (wan fu shan) means that Suxian Mountain is a blessing place. It is said that if you touch or count the number of "blessing" (fu), you will be as blessing and fortune as the Heaven. The completion of Wanfu Mountain makes the square theme more distinct and clear.

Suxian Mountain Features

It is said that during the Western Han Dynasty, there was a beautiful and learnt girl surnamed Pan. o­ne day she was washing clothes o­n the bank of Chenjiang River. Her wooden club was caught by a red ribbon flowing in the river. It could not be pulled away by hand, so she used the teeth to nip. However, the red ribbon fell into in her stomach, and she became pregnant. To avoid the tease from villagers, she hid herself in a cave in Suxian Mountain, and gave birth to a boy, Suxian. After Su Xian was born, white cranes warmed his body with feathers; white deer milked him. Su Xian was later name Sundan by his mother for sceneries around. From small he cultivated himself, and finally ascended to heaven by a white crane. Before he flied upwards he got to know that in next year Chenzhou neighborhood would suffer a plague. He told his mother to boil water from wells with oranges to cure plagues. His mother followed his instructions and saved a lot of people. These people, in order to thank him, built a Su Xian Palace in Suxian Mountain. For this reason, Suxian Mountain became famous.

Suxian Mountain Tickets

Suxian Mountain Fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 15 yuan / person
Opening Hours: 8:00 am-17:00 pm

Suxian Mountain Transporation

From Chenzhou Railway Station, you can reach the Suxian Mountain by bus No. 20. It takes about 5-6 minutes.

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