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Introduction: Introduction The Mulan Pond is located at the foot of Mulan Mountain in Pitou Village, five ki..

Tickets:Mulan Pond Fee and Opening Hour Admission: unknownOpening Hour: 7:00—19:00

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Mulan Pond Introduction

The Mulan Pond is located at the foot of Mulan Mountain in Pitou Village, five kilometers south of Putian City, Fujian Province.The Mulan Ancient Dam, 5km from the city proper, is o­ne of the most complete ancient water conservancy projects in China and the Key National Historic Preservation site.
Built in 1075 during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the Mulan Pond has turned 10,000 qing (1 qing = 6.6667 hectares) of land into fertile soil, promoting the economic development of Putian.
The Mulan Pond was o­ne of the largest irrigation works in ancient China. The project has a weir-sluiced dam that is 219.3 meters long and 7.5 meters high, and built o­n 33 piers with 32 sluices. A 500-meter-long bank lies o­n both ends of the dam. Water is channeled from the pond into large and small canals with a combined length of 120 kilometers to irrigate the southern and northern plains of Putian. Water is then discharged at 300 points along the way before joining the Xinghua Bay.
Mulan pond is warm and rainy, falling within the typical subtropical marine monsoonal climate, with an average annual temperature of 18℃-21℃, it is mild. It is suitable for travel there all year round.

Mulan Pond Features

In 1064 A.D., just five years after Quanzhou built its marvelous Luoyang stone bridge, Lady Qian Siniang and Mr. Lin Chongshi tried to build a dam at the foot of Mulan Mountain. Lady Qian spent every penny she had to build this dam, but unfortunately, they chose the wrong site, and failed. In spite of her failure, Qian Siniang is revered for her courage and determination, and a Meizhou Island temple now has a large statue of Lady Qian sitting beside Mazu and holding a Chinese coin.
Eleven years later, the Emperor sent Mr. Lihong to try again. He drew upon the lessons of his failed predecessors, but also sought the aid of a local monk, Fen Zhiri, and in eight years they completed the 219.3 meter dam, with 32 sluice gates.
The Mulan dam helped irrigate 32,000 acres of farmland, enabling Putian to feed its growing population, and from that time o­n Putian became a major city, as well as an international commercial hub, thanks to 30.9 kilometers of coastline.
To honor the four ancestors who built the pond , people of later generations erected Mulan Pond Memorial Hall. The hall houses statues of the pioneers alongside a number of stone tablets with inscriptions by famous scholars of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). After the founding of new China, the irrigation area was expanded from 15,000 to 25,000 mu (1 mu = 1/15 of a hectare).

Mulan Pond Tickets

Mulan Pond Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: unknown
Opening Hour: 7:00—19:00

Mulan Pond Transporation

You can go there by motorbike from putian urban, the fare is about 6 yuan.

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