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Longkong Cave

Introduction: IntroductionLongkong Cave is a natural limestone cave in Longkang Village of LongYan City. The ..

Tickets:Fee and Opening HourAdmission: 32 Yuan per personOpening Hour : 8:00-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1.the volume of wangbao is big, its contour is liberal and even. The bao meat is thick..

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Longkong Cave Introduction

Longkong Cave is a natural limestone cave in Longkang Village of LongYan City. The entrance is surrounded by bizarre rocks, and the top is covered with luxuriant trees and grass. Water flows in or over the limestone caves. The zigzag Longkong Cave has a unique scenery and fresh air. The sceneries are lit up by colourful lights in the dark cave. Covering an area of 3,340 hectares and locating in the south of Wuyishan Mountain, Longkong Cave scenic Aea is located in northeast of longyan City, 48 kilometers away from the urban city. The cave belongs to the karst physiognomy. Through the three crustal movements and intermittent evolution of ocean, it has formed from the palaeozoic era about 300 million years ago. There are many limerock such as the stalactite, stalagmite and rock pillar which has developed completely to form a unique lava world which belongs to the No.1 Cave in East China.
Longkong Cave is superior to other cavities. A series of praise it wins, such as “The Immortal’s Mansion and Natural Maze”, “The Best Cave in East China”, The Scenery of Longkong Cave Tops the World”, could prove its uniqueness well. The Longkong Cave, including the underground river and dry passages decorated by the solutional features and carbonate speleothems, is o­ne of the well known show caves in Southeastern China.The Longkong Cave is the typical genetic model for cave development by the sulphuric and carbonatic acid aqueous from the exotic and endogenetic waters
Longyan belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying an oceanic monsoon climate. Its weather is moderate all the year round. Without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature falls between 18 and 20 degree centigrade (64 and 68 degree Fahrenheit). it is an all-year-round tourist destination.

Longkong Cave Features

As a place of interests at the provincial level, Longkong Cave is characterized by Karst physiognomy and it came in to form through three ocean and lithosphere movements as well as continued evolutions in Paleozoic period 300 million years ago. Longkong Cave was first found in Tang Dynasty and was then visited by many tourists in different dynasties. By now Longkong Cave could be divided into three layers— the upper , the middle, and the lower with a huge area of 54,000㎡ ; there are eight halls, sixteen minor cavities and sixty-four scenic spots, constituting a tour line of over 3000 meters; hills, cavities and waters are co-existed with each other and some cavities are even connected with each other in a cascade way; large and small stalactites in various shapes display to the tourists a scene of mystery
Longkong Cave is a stalactite scenic spot with a weald style. It is surrounded by a group of mountains with misty clouds and a forest of bamboos. The cave is 50 meters deep and divided into three layers: the upper, the middle and the lower. Larger cavities hug the smaller o­nes in a flexural and labyrinthine manner. There are 16 minor cavities connected with each other, like a huge natural maze. The minor cave in the front, which seems like a lobby room, has a capacity of over 50 people. Crossing the Sanxian Door, o­ne will find rock beds, elephants, monkeys, eagles, snakes and frogs, etc. Among the 16 minor cavities, the largest o­ne is Kwan-yin Cave which can hold 1000 people; a stalactite statue of Kwan-yin stands elegantly o­n the wall, with the stalactite Taishang Laojun (a male immortal character in Journey to the West) o­n the right, a big stalactite furnace (a Refining Furnace of Taishang Laojun) and the water-curtain cave (the palace of Monkey King in Journey to the West) at the back, as well as an underground river of 0ver 300 meters long. At the center of the major cave lie two rock cows in the water and the rock terraces there constitute beautiful scenery of country life. Moreover, there are other scenic spots like Dragon Well, Dragon Egg Rock, Dragon Beard Waterfall, sleeping Lion Rock and Dragon Pond, etc. Many experts have come here for investigation after which the Longkong Cave is reputed as the ‘The Best Cave in East China”.

Longkong Cave Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: 32 Yuan per person
Opening Hour : 8:00-17:00

Longkong Cave Transporation

It is located at Longkan villiage, Yanshi town, Xinluo district , Longyan city. There is tour special line bus in downtown to Longkong Cave, and there are ten shifts every day. The departure time of the first shift is 7:20 and the final shift returned at 16:20.

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