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Introduction: Introduction Changting, also known as Tingzhou, is situated in the west of Fujian Province, a..

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Changting Introduction

Changting, also known as Tingzhou, is situated in the west of Fujian Province, and is a stronghold o­n the border of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. It is a famous old revolutionary base. Being the fifth largest county in Fujian Province, the whole county has 11 towns and 8 villages, with a total population of 480,000 and a total area of 3,099 square kilometers.
Changting is a famous historic cultural city. It is the capital of the Hakkas, and o­ne of the birthplaces of ancient civilization in Fujian. Established as a county in the 24th year of the Kaiyuan reign in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Changting was the locus of the canton and the government office and is the political, economic and cultural center of western Fujian. The Tingjiang River, originated within Changting, is the mother river of the Hakkas; Tingzhou County was a representative place inhabited by the Hakkas in history and quite a lot of Hakkas from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as Southeast Asian countries came here to trace their roots.
Changting has a hilly upland terrain and is of a subtropical maritime monsoon climate. It has an average temperature of 18.3 °C and an average annual precipitation of 1,731.9 mm, It is hospitable in all seasons for travelers

Changting Features

Changting County has a long history of civilization. It was listed as the third series of historical and cultural city by the state council in 1994, with the local Hakka culture and revolutionary site as its tourist attractions. From the prosperous period of Tang dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty, Changting County used to be a place for official use by states, shires and departments. At the same time it is also a concentrated community of Hakkas and therefore credited as “The Capital of Hakkas”. The long history of Changting endows itself with rich cultural relics, such as the lofty tower of Tang dynasty, Sanyuan Cabinet, Dali Ancient Rampart in Tang dynasty, Ancient Well in Shuangyin Tower and the Literature Temple in Tingzhou. The major revolutionary sites of Changting County include the site of Soviet Government in Fujian Province and the old residence of Chairmen Mao in today’s Xingeng Villa. Changting also retains many Hakka residential buildings in Song and Ming dynasty. The buildings have inherited the architecture style of ancient mansions, which spread itself o­n both sides of a central axes and are built up step by step in a symmetric manner with a precise lay out. Characterized by of Changting, this kind of residential building can accommodate as many as dozens of families. Just like Hakka earth tower, it is a kind of family stockade village. Tourists in Changting should never miss the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, such as Wolong Mountain, Baixiang Mountain, Guanfang Stalactite Cave and Zhaodou Rock. The towering, emerald mountains co-exist with the long history and corlorful civilization of Changting, demonstrating the unique characteristics of the county.

Changting Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket : 5 Yuan
Opening Hour: all day long

Changting Transporation

There are about ten special tour buses from Longyan City to Changting County. Tourists can also take another two buses respectively at 6: 20 am and 14: 20 pm and reach Changting within six hours

The Best Hotels in Changting

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    Best Western Fortune Hotel

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