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Hot Spring Park

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Hot Spring Park

Introduction: IntroductionHot Spring Park is found in the southeast section of Wu Si Road, the hot spring z..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hour: Ticket : free  Opening Hour: unlimited

Travel Tips:Tips is very beautiful, but you’d better not get there in the night. In the night, man..

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Hot Spring Park Introduction

Hot Spring Park is found in the southeast section of Wu Si Road, the hot spring zone, covering an area of 10 hektares. Here you will find carpets of green grass, fresh flowers, fountains, zigzagging paths and verandas. Hot Spring Park is a european-style park and a nice place for recreation which is built in 1997.
The park can be divided into northern part and southern part  with a glass pyramid standing in the center: Several parts include the Gate Area, Camellia Garden and the Sweet-scented Osmanthus Garden. Every sight is reasonably large and has its own special flavor. Both the West Gate and North Gate have ancient Rome style columns and squares. This scenic spot as a very exotic atmosphere. 
 The best season to visit Qingyun Mountain is winter, by then the sun is bright, trees are green, you can enjoy the southland scenery, especially for the northern visitors.

Hot Spring Park Features

Highlight :
  The pyramid which is the central building of the hot spring park is at the entrantrace of the main gate. It is constituted of the steel meshes, higher compared to French Louvre’s glass pyramid. Through the pyramid, it is the open-air music square which can hold several hundreds people at the east end.. there are pictures in western style which is composed of different plants .on spring festival, people always hold the large-scale tulip flower show every year. By then, the park will become a tulip’s sea.
  The ancient sago cycad garden has over 30 sago cycads including  the su cycad, American cycad, Thai cycad . The oldest sago cycad king is as high as above 5 metres. The tea garden have many precious camellias, of which three tea kings are rare in and outside the province. The cassiabark tree garden area become a circle shape with high cassiabark tree in the central area. The bamboo garden has 13 kinds of bamboo including Jingxiangyu , fengwei bamboo and so o­n. Entre the west gate, there is a large scale fountain with flowers and plants crowding around it.  When night arrives, the fountain become a nice scenery line in hot spring park . 

Hot Spring Park Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour:
 Ticket : free
 Opening Hour: unlimited

Hot Spring Park Transporation

 You can get there by No.821 public bus.

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