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Daming Mountain

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Daming Mountain

Introduction: Introduction Daming Mountain is lying in the northeast of Wuming County, 104 kilometers away f..

Tickets:Daming mountain fee and opening hourTicket : 68 yuanOpening Hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Since the mountain is covered with mist all around the year, the self-drivers are advi..

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Daming Mountain Introduction

Daming Mountain is lying in the northeast of Wuming County, 104 kilometers away from Nanning o­n the east of No. 210 national highway. The mountain runs from northwest to southeast with 100 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width. Daming Mountain is o­ne part of the arc mountain ranges lying in the center part of Guangxi. The main peak of Daming Mountain is the highest peak in south-middle Guangxi with an altitude of 1764 meters.
Due to the special conditions of topography and clime, a large natural ecological system exists in the mountain. There are more than 1700 species of plants and more than 40 species of animals. It is a natural zoological and botanical garden.
With the average altitude of 1200 meters and the 190-meter food of mountain, it has 16℃ as the average temperature of the year. Influenced by south Asian tropical wind and local topography, the temperature in the upper mountain is 8-10℃ lower than that at the mountain foot. The clear changing of seasons shows the fog in spring, waterfall in summer, cloud in autumn, and snow in winter, all of these terrific landscapes gain the fame of  "Guangxi's Lu Mountain" for itself.
Nanning belongs to humid subtropical monsoonal climate with abundant sunshine and rain. The temperature is mild, the summer is long and the winter is short with an average annual temperature of 21.6℃. All the year is the suitable time to travel.

Daming Mountain Features

The main sightseeing spots are: the fantastic peaks and secluded valleys, and Gannan Valley is the most magnifecient o­ne full of mist and cloud and with steep stiffs at both sides; the high mountain and grass lands, and o­n the top of the mountain there are 6 grass lands surrounded by trees where o­nly grows grass.
Twisted clouds, winding streams, green cedars and thick forests make a fairy land and rare ecological tourist resort. The scenery varies with the change of seasons but never loses its beauty all year long. It is also the outdoor location of many films such as Shengnvfengdemiwu, Wujie, Xinquan etc.
The Daming Mountain has different sights in different seasons: in spring, flowers are in fully blossom and with various colors; in summer, surrounded by mist and clouds, its waterfall is a wonder; in autumn, the leaves o­n the whole mountain are as red as fire; and in winter, the mountain is covered by white snow.

Daming Mountain Tickets

Daming mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket : 68 yuan
Opening Hour: unknown

Daming Mountain Transporation

1. take the tourist bus to the Daming Mountain at 9:00 in the morning at the Small Golden Mountain Plaza which is facing Zhaoyang Plaza at Mid Zhaoyang road. It will take 3 hours at a cost of 30 yuan and visitors can take the returning bus at the gate of the scenic area at 15:00-16:00; 2. take the tourist bus to the Daming Mountain in front of Minzu Shopping Mall (No.75, east Renmin road) at 9:00 or 15:00;
3. take the coaches to Mashan, Dahua or Du'an at the Anji passenger station and get off at the Damingshan crossing.
4.  You can spend 200 yuan to rent a car to the secnic spot.

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