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Introduction:  Sandu'ao began trade with foreign nations over 1,000 years ago, back in the Tang ..

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Sandu'ao Introduction

 Sandu'ao began trade with foreign nations over 1,000 years ago, back in the Tang Dynasty. In 1694, the Sandu'ao administered nine ports.

It formally became an import and export commercial port in 1897. o­n May 8th of the same year, Fuhai Customs was set up. Subsequently, 20 companies from 13 countries including USA, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal etc. set up companies and banks in Sandu.

By the 1930s, the island was home to at least 20 foreign companies

Sandu'ao Features

from Britain, the U.S., Germany, Russia, Japan, Holland, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal. But ancient Sandu'ao's glory ended overnight when Japanese bombers razed the island to the ground twice, leaving o­nly a few small buildings

Even today the Sandu Island still keeps the buildings of Spanish Catholic Church, British Cloister, and an American nunnery. The Catholic stone church, with its distinctive Spanish architecture, is said to be the best preserved old church in Fujian Province. The old nunnery is now called Tian Lao Yuan or "Heavenly Garden for the Elderly." Some of these nuns have been here for over sixty years! 

Sandu'ao has yet to recover fully from the devastation of the Japanese bombings in the 1930s. While Sandu'ao's population was 30,000 in the 1940s, it has reached more than 20,000 today. 

Sandu Bay is situated in the southeastern part of Jiao Cheng District about 30 kms away from the Ningde city center. It is regarded as "the door and the key exit of 5 counties" of Mingdong. Sandu'ao covers a sea area of 714 square kilometers with 73 kilometers of water coastline that runs over 10 meters deep. 

In the scenic zone of Sandu'ao that covers an area of around 120 square kilometers, there are scenic spots of Sandu Island, Qingshan Island, Doumu Island, Rooster Mount Island, Penholder Mountain, Xiahu Beach etc.

Sandu'ao Tickets

Entrance ticket: CNY 45

Sandu'ao Transporation

Sandu Bay is made up of 5 islets and 1 peninsula, namely, Sandu, Qinshan, Doumao, Baipao, Jigong Mountain and Chenao. What's more, there are 14 tiny islets, 17 reefs scattering over the area. In addition, there are 5 beaches and two extensive water surfaces, i.e. Guangjingyang and Fudingyang.

Sandu Bay is not o­nly a special port, but also a scenic spot called "Sky Lake o­n Sea" and a production base. It covers hundreds of square meters and has different kinds of exotic peaks and rocks, which make the place a tourist area.

Among them, "Snail Rock " "The Pictures of Immortals" are very famous. "Snail Rock" is like a snail, which is 7-metre high. Its outside is round and smooth. Inside there is a cave, which can hold five or six persons. In the rock there is a hole facing the sea.

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