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Orchid Pavilion

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Orchid Pavilion

Introduction: IntroductionOrchid Pavilion is in the southwest of Shaoxing, about 13 kilometers from the city..

Tickets:Orchid Pavilion Fee and opening hoursAdmission 25yuan(busying season) 15yuanOpening hours 7:

Travel Tips:Tips1.Do not forget to bring umbrella. 2.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfor..

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Orchid Pavilion Introduction

Orchid Pavilion is in the southwest of Shaoxing, about 13 kilometers from the city. Though this simple and unsophisticated and refined garden is not big, become the focus of Chinese and foreign visitors. According to the records of history, A.D. 353, i.e. with March 3 of 9 years forever in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, WangXizhi is thanked and fitted with the friend Xiean and Sunchuo altogether 42 people have a get-together in the blue pavilion, walk and repair the gift, drink water from a winding canal with o­ne wine cup floating o­n it so as to wash away ominousness, drink and compose verses.

Orchid Pavilion Features

To gather poetic prose of each o­ne edit into the collected works by Wangxizhi, write a piece of preface later, this is famous "collects the preface in the blue pavilion". It is Wangxizhi then calm excitement due to drinking when being to heart's content, must use silk cocoon paper, mouse pen disease book preface this at that time, 28 lines in the whole text, 324 words, all the word replies the heavy o­nes, all the change differs, superb. It's a great pity such a calligraphy treasure, reach second emperor since founding of a country Tang in the hand, he likes can't bear to clear uping, compete, order people come o­n with it buried alive with the dead when o­n o­ne's deathbed.

Orchid Pavilion Tickets

Orchid Pavilion Fee and opening hours
Admission 25yuan(busying season) 15yuan
Opening hours 7:30-17:10

Orchid Pavilion Transporation

Bus 3 from shaoxin transfer center

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