The Five-Old-Man Peak

The Five-Old-Man Peak

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The Five-Old-Man Peak

Introduction: IntroductionFive-Old man Peak are located in the southeast of the Lushan Mountain, next to the..

Tickets:The Five-Old-Man Peak Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jin..

Travel Tips:Tips:1.Difference in temperature is large, please take thick clothes.2.The weather is wet in ..

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The Five-Old-Man Peak Introduction

Five-Old man Peak are located in the southeast of the Lushan Mountain, next to the Poyang Lake in the east, with an altitude of 1,358 meters. It is towering against the sky at the Poyang Lake with lofty precipice stretching miles away. Thus it stands out among the many peaks of the Lushan Mountain. Looking up from the Haihui Temple at the foot of the mountain, the peaks look like five wise old men sitting there.
Lushan belongs to subtropical area where the climate is moderate with ample rainfall. The average temperature in July is o­nly 22.6 C (about 72.7 F). The best travel time is summer.

The Five-Old-Man Peak Features

Five olds peaks exist side by side, like five old men chatting each other. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Libai left us poem about the beautiful scenery here. There are five little peaks coming in every shape before the peak,and tourist can enjoy stone engraving of rock o­n the peak, and yingke pines here. Seeing from the top of it , there is splendid view of sunrise.If it is foggy, people even can hear "the sound of fog".

The Five-Old-Man Peak Tickets

The Five-Old-Man Peak Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jinxiugu, Xianrendong, Datianchi, Longshouya, Lulinhu, Hanpokou, Botanical garden)
Opening hours: 7:30-18:00 (May 1- October 7), 8:00-17:30 (except  May 1- October 7)

The Five-Old-Man Peak Transporation

There are tour bus from Yudu Market of Yuncheng city to the five-old-man peak, 11 yuan/per. Or you can take the coach from Yuncheng city to Yongji, get off at Yuxiang town (6 yuan), then take a motor tricycle to the ticktet office. (3 yuan).

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