Sanzhe Waterfall

Sanzhe Waterfall

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Sanzhe Waterfall

Introduction: IntroductionSanzhe Waterfall Scenic Zone is a hide-and-seek game played by the nature, even X..

Tickets:Sanzhe Waterfall fee and openinghoursAdmission 10yuanOpening hours until 18:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Be careful when standing near the waterfall. 2.No fire no smoking in the resort. 3.You ..

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Sanzhe Waterfall Introduction

Sanzhe Waterfall Scenic Zone is a hide-and-seek game played by the nature, even Xu Xiake didn't find it. Until this century, it shows its real face to the world. A famous mountain is exactly like a good book that gives people continuous surprises. During all the waterfalls in Mt. Yandang, Sanzhe Waterfall is the most magical o­ne, especially the middle o­ne is the top of the three waterfalls, even there is somebody calling it as the Top Fantastic in Mt.Yandang. It is said that the place where the middle waterfall locates is a frozen crater of volcano, the death and reborn of water and fire create the top magical view in nature.

Sanzhe Waterfall Features

The waterfall comes from the top in three steps and naturally it is high and steep view. However, there is a valley called Fresh Moon Valley beside it showing a deep and long feature of Mt. Yandang. This valley covers the top view of Mt. Yandang. Covering is o­ne of the features of Mt.Yandang. The middle waterfall in Sanzhe Waterfall is more than 120 meters with a manner of bead portiere. When sunshine shines o­n it there will be a rainbow. The valley back of it is treated as "Volcano crater" in academic field. It is called as "the Top Fantastic in Mt.Yandang".

Sanzhe Waterfall Tickets

Sanzhe Waterfall fee and openinghours
Admission 10yuan
Opening hours until 18:00

Sanzhe Waterfall Transporation

Bus from Xianglingtou-Sanzhepu

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