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Tianhe Resort

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Tianhe Resort

Introduction: IntroductionTianhe Resort is located in the south of State-level Dahongshan ScenicSpot, closing..

Tickets:Tianhe Resort fee and opening hoursAdmission 65yuan including tickets, Double peaks forest park..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please wear warm clothes. 2.There are No fire, no smoking in the resort. 3.You had bet..

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Tianhe Resort Introduction

Tianhe Resort is located in the south of State-level Dahongshan ScenicSpot, closing to Lulin Ancient Stockaded Village that forest outlaws ofWest Han Dynasty stationed, facing the greatest artificial lake“Hongshan Lake” of Hongshan Scenic Spot, 1 km far away to Lulin Town of Jingshan County. It is wet in the spot, plentiful of mountains and water: blue sky, white cloud, green peak andforest are integrating in the clear Hongshan Lake, deep pool, riskybeach, flowing spring and flying waterfall are as a serial of pearls;open fire, village hut, flute in land, lady beside brook and bacon,dried fish, Baogutuo and pepper cluster,a original, simple and magic natural place.

Tianhe Resort Features

Tianhe Holiday Resort covers 18 square km, main spots are Baimahe skin raftdrifting, Tianmen drigting, Qingliu Gorge, Couple Waterfall, ZhiyinPool, Tongtian Cave, Hongshan Hushui Island Folk Park, botanical gardenand Jieyigang, lakes are in the east while brooks are in the west,caves in the south while gorges in the north, it is o­ne of the mostcharacteristics and charming resorts in Dahongshan Scenic Spots, it isprovided with rafts, bamboo rafts, yachts, pleasure-boats, tents, openfire party, farmer banquet and local product. It gives four theme tourist areas to visitors including Tianhe Drifting,Touring o­n Lake, Gorge Exploration and o­n-island entertainment whichare suitable for four seasons, you can come here in summer, enjoyquietness, explore in gorges and caves to fully enjoy the pleasure inmountains and waters.

Tianhe Resort Tickets

Tianhe Resort fee and opening hours
Admission 65yuan including tickets, Double peaks forest park 60 including tickets
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

Tianhe Resort Transporation

Bus from Ningbo bus station 1hr 15min 23yuan, bus 108 to Ninghai west station

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